Sisterhood Stories

Creating a strong sisterhood is a top priority in our chapter. Sisterhood and friendship have been at the core of Pi Beta Phi since the first meeting of our 12 founders in 1867. Today, more than 300,000 women have worn the arrow over their hearts, creating a very long golden chain of friendship. The bonds of wine and silver blue bind us close together, bring out our leadership qualities, fine tune our strengths and motivate us to become the best versions of ourselves. The Pi Phi Blog is full of sisterhood stories. click here to check it out!


I was going through recruitment, the first thing I noticed about Pi Phi was its dedication to its philanthropy. All of the women I met were excited to share this important part of their sisterhood, and I’m happy to now be a part of it." —Iva '19


"There were so many things about Pi Phi that resonated with me while I was going through recruitment. But I just completely fell in love with the Pi Phi house. The house was so cute when I first saw it, and now that I live there I have even more things I love about it that I get to share with my sisters." —Darby '19

"Pi Phi gave me my home at MIT. I am so grateful for the endless love, support, and inspiration my sisters give me everyday." —Nicole '18


Pi Phi sisters have been there for me through my difficult times in my last few years at MIT. They can always cheer me up with great jokes, froyo orders, or just giving me a hug when I need one." —Lauren '19

"I really love Pi Phi because it gives me a family at MIT." —Lexi '19